Going On A Dance Date

Not all couples are interested in elegance on the dance floor. Some of them have plenty of energy to burn off. They want music that will move them onto the floor and keep going all the way through the final note. Swing is a form of jazz music that neatly accomplishes this trick. The beat is fast and the music is lively. It will keep a couple moving until they are out of breath and ready to drop.

Couples that want to express their inner sensuality should consider the sexy tones of Latino music. Salsa is an easy dance to learn and it encourages dancers to express themselves. Hip movements are the main form salsa dancers use to show their sexy side to their partners. It is not a static dance, and learning new moves is encouraged. Over time, this is a good way for dance partners to progress in their expressiveness toward each other.

Dancing is a great way to learn how to communicate in a different way. For couples, dancing allows them an opportunity for non-verbal communication. Whether dancing to an elegant waltz, the innocent eagerness of Swing, or the sexy sounds of salsa, couples have an opportunity to test themselves on the floor.