Jazz Music and Salsa

Many people that are not professional musicians might believe that salsa and jazz music just do not go together. Jazz is associated with smooth, chilled tones. People sit and sip a cocktail while they listen to it and dancing is far from their minds. People often forget about the Ragtime and Swing styles of jazz. Salsa is Latino dance music at its finest. It encourages even novices to get out on the floor and dance the night away to its sensual rhythms. In truth, salsa and jazz are both fusion music that play well off of each other.

Smooth jazz tones are always nice, but the music can also be quite moving. While there are not a lot of dances dedicated to jazz, that doesn’t mean it should be isolated from dance music. Salsa itself is a fusion of music from several different cultures. This makes it perfect for jazz musicians that want to jam while their audience dances.

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